21 LGBTQIA+ Music Artists You Should Be Listening To In 2021

Music without queer voices isn’t great music at all….

It’s Pride Month and this calls for an extra special celebration for our LGBTQ+ musicians. These stars have been releasing chart topping bangers and revolutionising the music scene. From openly queer lyrics, visual arts depicting LGBTQ+ love and dismantling homophobia and transphobia, we must applaud them. It’s colourful, inspiring, and damn right beautiful to see so many gender non-conforming and genre blending artists dominating the streaming charts. Not to mention, going viral on TikTok! We have rounded up our 21 favourite queer artists, who are creating a new status quo, that you should be listening to in 2021.


More and more innovative artists are teenagers, changing the game and societal perceptions of “lazy” young people. Part of a new wave of alternative R&B, Serena Isioma finds inspiration from their Chicago upbringing and Nigerian roots. The 19-year-old popped on the scene last year, blessing the world with Mystery Boy. Their silky vocals seep through like the wind in the willows and speak of a crush that is soul consuming. Teenage angst at its finest. The non-binary artists is a singer and rapper who is creating her own lane. A little bit indie, a dash of bedroom pop and a whole lot of R&B – a surprisingly successful genre blurring concoction. The Sensitive EP was an incredible debut collection. Her smooth soulful voice whipped up tones like 70s music and belted out feminist lyrics, calling out men for being sensitive. Unlike most, Serena is not fame hungry and lets her music do the talking. The Leo Sun Sets album is all about Serena coming into their own identity and truly loving who they are.

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