This is Paris: The shocking origin story of The Tiara vs The Tomboy.

After nearly two decades, the heiress and influencer-prototype is ready to let her façade down.

Today’s pop culture would not be where it is today without this special woman. Long before Reality TV made you a house-hold name and the existence of Influencer's, there was Paris Hilton.

The perfect blend of pink accessories, tiny pooches, the party girl lifestyle, vocal fry, and a dumb blonde. Paris' aesthetic became the most sought-after brand during the 00s. If it wasn’t for her sacrifice, we wouldn’t have the likes of the Kardashians and Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard, today.

Before watching the YouTube documentary, you might think you know everything about her. The Hilton family lineage, her sex-tape scandal and have watched The Simple Life. The opening of the documentary further reinforced this.

Starts with the leggy blonde bombshell strutting into a recording studio. Her pink bags and her pooch Diamond in tow. She drawls into the microphone “This is Paris” and her infamous phrase “That’s hot". The exasperated vocal fry hits an old nerve. Exactly what we expect from the supposed inventor of the selfie.

The documentary portrays the focus as to how she changed TV and inserted herself as a pop culture icon. There's a sense we'll learn about her influencer blueprint and her invention of the selfie. But these things couldn’t be further from the truth.

The business mogul opened the door to her world beyond the glitz and the glamour. It's the back story for the dumb blonde we’ve all come to love and hate. And we learn how this is a trauma response to the abuse she suffered as a teen.

The Hilton family and viewers are in for an awakening from the 1 hour and 45-minute show. Our perception of what we see isn’t always the prettiest picture. It’s common for those in the public eye and the everyday person to choose what they want people to see and know. Paris went from barbie doll to a dim demeanour, husky voice and a smile that never reached her piercing eyes.

Behind the paparazzi cameras was a woman who had perfected the fake smile. So much so, that she tearfully admitted she doesn’t know who is. The dumb blonde persona she created has become a monster out of control. There’s an obvious internal battle that Paris faces daily – who is she going to be today? Paris Hilton, the media personality or Paris the tomboy animal lover.

At one point, we see Paris switch off her façade with a panic:

“I’ll just be normal. Sorry, I’m so used to, like, playing a character that it’s, like, hard for me to, like, be normal. I always, like, when a camera’s around, like, turn into someone else.”

As Nicky, her younger sister, said:

“[Paris’] brand is a lot more glamorous than she is.”

This Is Paris delves into Paris’ traumatic past that led to her chaotic start in reality TV. As a teen, her parents shipped her off to many behavioural boarding schools. They're known for their draconian ‘unlearning’ methods. In her own words, her time spent at Provo Canyon School in Utah was “the worst of the worst”. Paris recalled to Nicky a time when she woke up to someone dragging her out of bed, in the middle of the night. Two men carried her out of her parent’s home and to the school that has given her years of insomnia, trust issues and PTSD.

To this day, she continues to suffer from nightmares of the kidnapping. The worst part? She remembers screaming for help yet her parents watched her disappear out the door. She still struggles to escape Provo and the abuse she went through.

“You’re sitting on a chair staring at a wall all day long, getting yelled at or hit,” She paused. “I felt like a lot of the people who worked there got off on torturing children and seeing them naked.”

One harrowing moment during the documentary involves her mother, Kathy Hilton. In a camera-to-one, Kathy's face reveals she knew nothing of Paris' abuse. Her perfect matriarchal aura drops and the disbelief is evident. Her mother failed to recognise the pain she suffered, and the resentment is clear as day. Another shocking moment involves Paris' laptop collection and the alarming reason behind this.

"Any time I get a new boyfriend I get a full new computer because they always break into my computers or they'll scream at me and threaten me, 'Give me your password now,'" she revealed.

The damage caused by the 11 months she spent at Provo destroyed her ability to trust and know what love truly is.

"One night I was with one of my ex-boyfriends and we got in a big fight. I was on my computer ignoring him because I felt really uncomfortable and he just grabbed it from me and just slammed it on the floor."

Paris alleged that her previous boyfriends' were physically, emotionally and verbally abusive towards her. This theme is also the root cause of her sex tape scandal. Once again, there’s more here than what meets the public eye.

Paris’ story is core to what makes her the woman we’ve known for almost 20 years. Her trauma and abuse “was never part of the brand” instead we're fed a picture-perfect life. Watching This is Paris is a reckoning and a sharp breath of fresh air. The documentary shows the stark difference between her lavish life and childhood trauma. It makes for a gripping albeit unsettling viewing.

When asked whether she and the brand can have a divorce now, her fake smile returns with a scary bubbly laugh. “No. It’ll be an expensive divorce.”

Playing with her golden locks, the tomboy retreats, and the Princess returns, vocal fry in-tact.

“I’ll just be like this forever”.