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An Update on Our Hiring Process!

As you may have seen, TNE is undergoing a hiring process to grow our editorial team. After celebrating our first birthday this year, we are excited to go into the new year by expanding our team to help TNE grow and continue publishing empowering editorial content for our loyal community.

We are delighted by the response our vacancies have received, so have decided to set a firm deadline for applicants. This will be January 7th, 2022. To make sure everybody who is considering applying understands what being a part of Team TNE will look like, we’ve outlined the role profiles and experience you’ll gain below:

If you are keen to improve your editorial skills, have a career in writing and help underrepresented people/groups get their voices heard then TNE is the right place for you. This is your opportunity to work for a growing digital publication with sustainable values and empowerment at its heart.

We are looking for enthusiastic and driven people of all ages, races, genders, sexualities and abilities to join our editorial team. As a growing start-up publication, our roles are currently unpaid and work on a voluntary basis. We hope to change this once the platform gets bigger, and you get to be a part of that growth and development.

As part of the editorial team, you will be working alongside other editors across the publication and have sufficient mentorship and training if and when needed.

No previous journalistic experience is required - we are simply looking for people who can show us their passion for all things TNE and have an enthusiasm for helping this publication soar.

To avoid bias in the application stage, we ask that no personal information or details are attached. If you are shortlisted in this initial stage, your application will be shared with the editorial team, again without identifying personal details. We may then invite you to have a chat with some members of the team who you will be working closely with to see if you are the right fit for the role. Alternatively, we could also request that you join our team in a different role, for instance, a position that has not been advertised or as a contributor to the publication. Once decided and a vote has been taken, you will be invited to join our lovely team!

It should be noted that this will be our only main hiring process of the year, however, we invite contributors and collaborators to contact us all year round if they would like to join the team.

If you have already applied via our page on The Dots (, your application has been received and will be equally considered. The website itself does allow applications to be submitted without personal details. So, to keep our process as objective as possible, all applications will be sorted and personal details will be removed before submissions are reviewed by our editorial team.

To apply for the available roles, please fill in the relevant application to the position you desire in the form below. Email your completed form to with your name and role you’re applying for in the subject line (e.g. John Jones - Social Media Editor). This information will be strictly used to sort applications.

The deadline is January 7th, 2022.

Best of luck from the whole team!

Please find the application forms below which are available to download.

TNE Application Form
Download PDF • 75KB

Social Media Director - TNE
Download PDF • 136KB

Advertising Executive - TNE
Download PDF • 133KB

Art Assistant - TNE
Download PDF • 133KB



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