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Kaleidoscope: An Ethereal Depiction of Growth & Transformation

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

'Much like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, Kaleidoscope explores the notion of personal growth and breaking free from societal expectations to simply fly free.' - Eloïse Atkins, TNE Director of Photography.

This fashion and beauty editorial is a collaboration between makeup artist Cameron Sancia, stylist Samela Gjozi, model Chantay Watson and TNE Director of Photography, Eloïse Atkins. During the times when our lives have been on hold, Kaleidoscope reflects an escape from our present realities. With these images, the use of colour and patterns portrays the transformation of one's self, like the metamorphosis of a butterfly. Displayed is the notion of an ever growing and evolving act of breaking free from societal views and simply flying free.


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