Three stories: One virus – The human impact of lockdown in the Coronavirus pandemic

Everyone has been affected differently by the lockdown – so how has it personally affected self-employed people, those who have been furloughed, those on higher education courses?

When the UK lockdown was announced on March 23, there was little certainty on just about every aspect of normal life.

Jobs, education and healthcare, amongst other things, were put on hold and many were left with more questions than answers about how the future would look.

Three people, with very different experiences, have shared the personal impact that lockdown has had on them.

Tracey Nicholson, who was a self-employed childminder at the start of the lockdown, is now unemployed.

Mrs Nicholson, 55, said: “Personally for me, at this time of my life, it’s kind of fallen in the right time to reevaluate life with my job and the future of my career, and my family.

“Now I’ve got my head round it, and that I knew I was going to change my career path the next year anyway to looking after the elderly in the community, that’s what I aim to do.

“I think I suffered the first three weeks of lockdown more, I didn’t show it to my family but inside I felt aimlessly lost.

“I’ve stopped feeling anxious, I was a bit anxious at first, I think everybody was, it was the unknown.